• Die locksmith (male, 20 people) : 1. The auto stamping die fitter (large continuous mode or covering parts) r above 3 years of working experience; 2. Can bear hardships and be a good team player 3. Good performance on solving problems and making plan. 4. Good personality; 5. Age :From 20 to 40 years old, good health.
  • Mould maintainer (5 people): 1. Service for punching die independently ( both single die and progressive die); 2. Familiar with daily maintenance and repairing;3. Five years related working experience.
  • Die locksmith trainee (male, 10 people): 1. Technical secondary school degree or above; 2. Have a great enthusiasm and interest to the mold industry, to study hard and can bear hardships and stand hard work; 3. Graduates can also be used.
  • Stamping workers (male, 5 people): 1. Handling press machine and adjusting dies independently. 2. Quality control, self checking ability and can use normal measuring tools. 3. Three years of working experience or above. 4. Hard working and be a good team player.
  • Stamping assistant (male, 2 people): 1.18-40 years old, junior high school degree or above, mechanical major is preferred; 2. Can adapt to the working environment, be hard working and able to bear the hardship. Have strong operational ability; 3. Temporary worker is also accepted.
  • Drilling workers (male, 2 people) : 1. The drilling operation more than one year, can skilled operate drilling machine, automotive stamping mold factory working experience is preferred; 2. Can be proficient in reading, can accurately understand the drawings of the size tolerance, and according to the graph processing; 3. Accustomed to work in two shifts; 4. Work conscientiously careful, can strive for perfection, has the good team cooperation spirit and collective sense of honor; 5. Operation Z3050 radial drilling machine, running on two shifts.
  • CNC operating crew (male, 2 people): 1. More than two years relevant working experience; 2. Clear image recognition ability, and have done auto stamping die processing; 3. Health and can adapt shift work; 4. Obey the management and have the ability to learn; 5. Age 20 to 35 years of age, education or and above.
  • Mechanic (male, 2 people) : 1. Technical secondary school degree or above, mechanical and electrical professional; 2. 2 to 5 years of relevant working experience; 3. Be familiar with mechanical (punching machine, CNC), electric (PLC, the factory power supply).


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