Our tooling department is one of the best stamping die exporters in China. Based on the strong scientific research and development ability and production supporting strength, we have become one of the biggest tooling manufacturer in domestic, and we have more than ten years experience senior engineers and professional technical personnel.Our products are mainly exported to North America, Europe, etc.
We have a senior design team and assembly team, has a group of experienced, skilled tooling designers, and a high level of management,which can fully guarantee high precision, long life of all the toolings. Besides, we have high stability and high cost performance, create more value for customers, and achieve a higher returnign on investment.
Our tooling team work together for the more than 10 years, particularly accumulated exports large automatic transfer tooling, manual transfer, progressive die ccording to our rich professional experience, and the corresponding design, manufacture, assembly and debugging (including to European and American debugging) of superior ability, long-term and Germany, the United States, Spain and experts communicate technology and project control, in the core technology, production, assembly, process, etc are very tacit understanding, full of European and American high-end customers to meet the demand of the professional auto tooling.

We have a senior fixture team with high qualification and professional experience, mainly design and manufacture of automobile sheet metal fixture, including single fixture and assembly fixture. The main fixture including but not limited to: instrument beam assembly, back seat beam assembly, rear cover assembly, high pressure inside the air tightness, etc and some piece fixture, fixture is mainly used for automobile chassis components, skylight, seats, instrument stents, wheel cover, engine heat shield, etc.

Our stamping team experienced in our company’s existing technical advantages (tooling, fixture), on the basis of the use of advanced automatic line production mode, high production efficiency, product quality is stable. At present the main supporting, land rover models have a BMW, ford, general motors, Volkswagen, etc., the current main products are front axle and rear axle, bumper, hand brake, engine mounts, jacks, stamping parts, etc.
Through unceasingly in the stamping industry of exploration and the accumulation of experience, we set up a unique system of stamping technology, and firmly in the continuous improvement of the internal performing.


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