How do you protect my privacy and ensure the information security?

  • We know that the security and privacy is very important to you, it is also important for us . We provide you with a strong security, make you believe that your information is safe, but also for you when you need access to the web site at any time, this is the top priority of our work.
  • We are always spare no effort to protect users’ privacy, and strive to high security, and use more effective way to provide service for the user. We each year invest a lot of manpower and funds to ensure the safety of the user information If you share the information with this web site, that will be in your hands.
  • We suggest that you can do this by the book, network, training and consulting experts, understanding and learning online security in detail, including how to protect you and your family safe online.

If I have the right to privacy questions or complaints, how to contact with you?
About how to contact with this web site, please visit this page: Contact Us.

How to get you the latest recruitment information?
Please visit our website (www.wuximinghao.com) to check the specific recruitment information, recruitment information page can also be through the recruitment website, web search “china wuxi minghao automotive parts co.,ltd.”, access to relevant information.

How to apply for the relevant position?
You can resume directly by recruitment platform, also you can send the resume in accordance with the “position name -” as the theme of the way to hr email , we will do it after receiving your resume, if we are interested, we will contact with you as soon as possible.

I’m interested in Minghao recruitment of many jobs, can each post have a resume?
By our system to avoid more resume blacklisting, hope you can carefully select a resume to apply for jobs. If you intend towards other jobs, please mark in your resume, we will also combine personal circumstances and position requirements consult your intent create positions.

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