• China Wuxi Minghao Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd. was set up.
  • The first European signed orders.
  • China Wuxi Minghao Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd. stare business.
  • The first large processing center get through the acceptance buyoff checking.
  • The first big press through the buyoff check.
  • The first large manipulator transfer tooling (with mould automatic riveting, more than 6m) exports to Europe.
  • The first large hydraulic press through buyoff check.
  • Passed the ISO9001:2008 certification.
  • Included the 20th anniversary of the establishment of centralized signing key projects in the wuxi new district.
  • Passed the TS16949:2009 certification.
  • Global leading European auto parts enterprises system endorsed.
  • Get recognition for north American famous auto parts enterprises system global.
  • Become the high-end tooling and fixture supplie for SGM list and SGM high-end continuous die, transfer die body parts, chassis parts, stamping supplier.
  • Become DAIMLER, BMW, VOLVO high-end tooling and fixture supplier.
  • December 18, 2013, Minghao won the Shanghai General Motors Supplier Award for outstanding management with quality and development in tooling.


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