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Last Modified Date: October 1, 2013

  • We attaches great importance to all user privacy issues, respect and protect everyone’s right to privacy, protect user privacy is a basic policy of this website. We have been trying to improve your security by strong security, and spare no effort to protect your privacy, efforts to make this site more useful for you and more efficient, make this web site in the collection, use and store and transmit personal information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the highest standards of consumer protection.
  • We know that the security and privacy is very important to you, it is also important for us. We provide you with a strong security, make you believe that your information is safe, but also for you when you need access to the web site at any time, what the important thing for our work is to make you feel comfort and convenience.
  • We’re working on making things briefly to you, but if you are not familiar with IP addresses, browser cookies and terms, please go through the proper way to understand the information on these key terms.

Privacy policy is about privacy policy and items for China Wuxi Minghao Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd.’s web site (hereinafter referred to as “the website”) , as well as the commitment to protect your personal privacy. Please read the privacy policy carefully in order to Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of you. Once you use our website, in particular, will be deemed to be accepted and agreed to, commitment, and confirm:

  • Agree to disclose personal information to this website;
  • You will abide by all the terms and restrictions of this privacy policy;
  • Agree to any modification of the items in the future;
  • Agree to receive the product information and service from our branch company, subsidiary company, employee (except as otherwise noted);
  • All information collected on this site is all rights reserved by us.

Personal information
  • We fully respect your privacy, and spare no effort to protect your personal information. In general, you can access this web site with no needs to provide your name or any other personal information.
  • But sometimes this web site may require you to provide some information, in order to meet the service for you. For example, in order to leave a message, comments, contact with you, provide booking service, deal with the application, or help to develop our business relationship. (if you are the partners or suppliers of this web site).
  • When you send email to us or a free subscription, we may need your email address, name, contact way, such as limited personal identifier. When you send an application to us, we may need your basic information such as name, gender, age, education, experience. We need these information to complete the above transaction processing or to provide a better service.
  • This website will take double care of such information

The IP address
We will record your IP address automatically, this information does not identify you personally, can only identify the computer used to browse this website. We may by collecting the information for the bearer data analysis, coverage and click on this web site traffic analysis, to help us better understand the site usage, so that we can improve this web site to provide services to you. We will not pass this method automatically record the information links with your personal data.

  • A Cookie is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive small amounts of data. Only when you use your computer to enter this website, cookies can be sent to your computer hard disk.
  • A Cookie is often used to record your browsing habits and preferences for this web site. The information which cookie collected is the data collection without any personal information. Cookies cannot be used to obtain data from your hard drive, your email address and your personal data. When you use this web site again, it will skip log in.
  • Most browsers default to accept cookies. If you like, you can change the browser Settings. You can choose to set your browser to not accept cookies. However, if the set to ban the Cookie, you can’t open or use some certain features on this site.
  • 若If you are not banned or deleted cookies, each time you use the same computer to enter this website, this site server will be informed us that you access this web site, which in turn provide you with our better services.

In order to provide more information, this site offers some websites’ links which associated with third parties including our company (hereinafter referred to as the “third party sites”). If you access these links, you will leave this website. We do not control these sites or its privacy policy, these sites can also perform different from this web site privacy policy. We’re not guaranteed to any third party sites. Privacy policy does not apply to the personal data which you provide to a third party. If a third party website to share your personal information with this web site, such personal information sharing is limited to third party web site’s privacy policy.

  • We implemented properly the necessary security policies, rules, management, technology, physical and electronic measures, to provide you the strict management and protection of personal information, ensure the security of your personal information, and to prevent from unauthorized access, misuse, unauthorized modification or disclosure, unlawful destruction or accidental loss.
  • If you have any security vulnerabilities aware of this site, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately, we can take proper action as soon as possible.

  • This website will take reasonable security measures to protect the personal information which has been stored. We ensure that this web site will not open your privacy such as personal information, registration information to any third parties(including company or single person), unless according to mandatory law or government regulation and your permission.
  • But in the following situations, this site does not assume any responsibility:
    • In advance for your clear authorization;
    • To provide you the required products and services, and must be shared with third parties;
    • If l due to the requirements of laws, regulations and laws, this web site may to the relevant administrative and judicial departments or disclosure your information for the purpose of the public security, in the circumstances of any disclosure, we all do not assume any liability;
    • Personal reason cause the information leakage;;
    • Any due to computer virus invasion or attack and temporarily closed due to government regulation affect the normal operation of the network information leakage caused by force majeure, lost, stolen, or been tampered with, etc.;
    • Because with this web site links to other sites of the information disclosure, and therefore any legal disputes and consequences;
    • Not with our other intentional misconduct or gross negligence caused your information disclosure;
    • To safeguard the social public interests.
  • Despite the strict protection and management measures, we can’t guarantee delivery of information on the Internet is absolutely safe. So we can’t absolutely guarantee that you give us information through this website is safe at all time. For any information from unauthorized access to your events we assume no responsibility, we are not responsible for compensation in this case.

If any parent or guardian know that there are minors in without approval or parent or guardian consent provided us with personal information, please feel free to contact us, to ensure that the information be deleted.

The application of law
  • Due to the terms of this privacy all litigation or dispute shall apply the law of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Right to revise or update the explanation of this privacy policy, all belong to China Wuxi Minghao Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd. .

This website will be regularly check the privacy policies of compliance, we also follow some self regulatory framework. After receiving the formal written complaint, we will contact the complainant, in order to take further action. We will with the corresponding regulators and protection agency cooperation, in order to solve this web site cannot solve the problem of complaints directly with the user.

Our privacy policy may be modified at any time (without prior notice to you). Without the permission of you, we won’t cut your rights in accordance with the terms of this privacy. We will be released in this page for what you did to privacy policies of any changes. For major revisions, we will also provide more pronounced.

Contact us
If you have any questions about our privacy policy or concerns, please feel free to contact us. About how to contact with this web site, please visit this page: Contact Us.


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